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A state of the art

Hotelizer PMS is a cloud based software to manage your hotel anytime, from anywhere.

By using cutting edge technology, we are offering a flexible & robust tool for all sizes & types of hotels. City hotel or resort, big or small, we cater for all.

Explore app
Explore app
User friendly

We have designed Hotelizer PMS in a user driven way. As a hotelier you will be able to operate your front office daily tasks in a fast, productive and effortless way.

Cutting edge technology

By using cutting edge technology, you rest assured that you use a cloud native innovative web application that will automate your daily routine and help you grow your business!

Endless features

Our features keep growing. Mutli-property users, unlimited users per property, access from any broswer and device, cloud based technology is here to help you, not to stress you.

Auto refresh

We use push data in real time. That means that any change / addition anywhere in the platform is instantly visible to all users managing the hotel, in real time.

Data security

We take security really seriously. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which means that the servers we use have maximum security in order for your data to be always safe.

How it works

No matter what the size of your hotel, Hotelizer Cloud PMS is a perfectr match for you because of its great flexiblity.

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