H o t e l i z e r .


Control panel

Manage and see briefly all the necessary information about your hotel.

  • Nights
  • Availability Chart
  • Latest Reservations
  • Notifications - Notes
  • Revenue information
  • Occupancy chart
  • Reservation chart

Bookings Calendar

Easy configuration of the calendar as well as its management.

  • Calendar settings
  • Availability
  • Rateplans
  • Reservations


Creating reservations and managing them is now a simple matter.

  • Reservation list
  • Add reservation
  • View / edit reservation
  • Guests
  • Extras
  • Financial management
  • Nights

Guests / Customers

You have at your disposal all the details of your customers and guests such as the history of reservations, notes etc.

  • Customer Information
  • Customer reservations
  • Customer invoices
  • Customer payments
  • Notes
  • Customer assignment

Businesses / Agents

You have at your disposal all the details of companies and agents who have worked with your hotel.

  • Business data
  • Business reservations
  • Customer invoices
  • Business payments
  • Notes

Invoicing - Folios

Support for multiple types of invoices also has the ability to fully analyze invoice charges.

  • Support for multiple types of invoices
  • Full analysis of charges on the invoice
  • Support for multiple numbering and series of invoices
  • Use of ready invoice templetes
  • Ability to connect with Accounting Services
  • Invoice payment status


It is possible for the staff to know the room cleaning status directly.

  • Show room status
  • Lists of rooms for cleaning

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